Motor Graders:

The Grader is an important earth-moving machine used for shaping and leveling operations, which is widely used in highways, airports, construction sites and other large-area levelling operations. Graders can conduct levelling and trenching, slope-scraping, bulldozing, snow clearance, loosening. compaction, materials laying, mixing, loading, and land reclamation operations for large-scale areas like highways and farmlands, which are essential for defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction, farmland improvement and other construction applications. XCMG's GR series of graders and equipped with industry-leading technologies, and their domestic market share and export volume have ranked no.1 in the industry for 6 consecutive years.


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Product Model Engine Manufacturer Rated Power / speed (kW/rpm Machine weight (kg)
GR100 Dongfen Cummins 74/2200 7000
GR135 Dongfen Cummins 97/2200 11200
GR165 Dongfen Cummins/SDEC 125/2200 15000
GR180 Dongfen Cummins/SDEC 138/2200 140/2300 15400
GR180D Dongfen Cummins 138kW/2200rpm 15400
GR200 SDEC 147/2300 16000
GR215 Import cummins/Dongfen Cummins 153/2200 160/2200 16500
GR260 Dongfen Cummins 194/2200 24000
GR300 Import cummin 224/2100 26000