With over 50 years of experience in the energy market, Xcmg SpA offers a range of products designed to meet the needs of the Telecommunication sector, one of the most dynamic sectors, subjected to......Telecommunications

Data Centers

In an increasingly virtual world where exchange of critical information is getting more and more important, data centers demand an extremely reliable and constant supply of power. They can contain...Data Centers

Defence and Civil Aid

The Onis Xcmg Gensets for military use are designed to meet the requirements of forces operating in harsh environments and built to a very demanding specification. Military equipment is becoming...... Defence and Civil Aid

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Xcmg SpA provides reliable and high-performance gensets and energy solutions. In manufacturing plants, even a small power outage could lead to hours of costly downtime for the equipment and even.....Industry and Services


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Businesses lose money when they shut down during a blackout. Even a small power failure could lead to hours of costly downtime. Considering the impact of significant revenue loss, the economics of investing in standby power is compelling. Prolonged, large-scale power outages have significant impacts in terms of financial and service delivery. You need to be ready when something like that happens.
Diesel powered generators eliminate the risk of a blackout. Take the advantages of being open while your competitors without backup power solutions are shut down.

Investing in generators is a simple way to maintain security, safeguard revenue and avoid losses.

Onis Xcmg generators are designed and engineered to meet any emergency power needs. These units continuously monitor the electrical current and automatically start up if power is interrupted and shut off when utility supply is resumed. In industries, during critical processes, generating sets can supply emergency power to all vital and selected loads as desired. Onis Xcmg quality products can be applied in any different sector: recreational, residential, commercial, entertainment, communication, industrial applications, and many more.

Xcmg SpA has always been committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment. To minimize other operational impacts, our gensets are designed to have low noise and low vibrations.

Xcmg SpA manufactures products in compliance with rigorous standards and according to the customer's specifications , that's why today most state-of-the-art- hospitals, best hotels, business process outsourcing centers, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, data centers, emergency facilities, large industries, as well as communication companies and many others, have chosen Onis Xcmg generators to grant them the best back up power solutions.

Power supply systems

In case of a sudden and unexpected power failure many things can go wrong but thanks to Onis XCMG generating sets, power supply is not a problem at all. Lost revenue, diminished reputation and...

Featured products

Onis XCMG range of products has grown in order to provide an answer to all market requirements; it offers a comprehensive range of quality-assured, versatile and high-tech energy solutions which can be tailored to all situations.
Beside high-quality generating sets, also different types of control panels, accessories and spare-parts are available, in standard or customized versions.