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Niletrac Ltd are the appointed Xcmg Dealer in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Xcmg is a leading Chinese  company that has been successfully present in the market since 1960, projecting and manufacturing highly technological generating sets and power stations.

The Niletrac Ltd team have highly skilled engineers, technicians, parts and sales specialists. Our vision is that our customers will buy from us, not only because of the products we sell, but to benefit from the services we offer.

Niletrac Ltd provides generating sets for the following competence sectors:
Telecommunications, Defence and Civil Aid, Industry and Services, Tourism and Big Events, Large Scale Retail, Power Stations, Power supply systems and Data Centers.
Our latest range of GALAXY GX - 9 to 650kVA, GALAXY GO - 9 to 650 kVA and GALAXY VM - Rental Series provide ideal power generating sets for our customers. .

Niletrac Ltd offers a wide range of solutions for, sales, financing facilities such as hire/lease purchase of our equipment & engines, genuine spare parts, manufacturer backed warranty and second to none product support capabilities. We also offer a range of product support services through contracts/customer support agreement, extended warranty, PM Kits, application support and operators training. These various options are supported by a dedicated team of trained professionals.

Modern equipment has become technically more demanding; this is why we have a team of dedicated manufacturer trained instructors, available both for customers and our own staff. While we have over 550’000 line items in our parts inventory to protect customers from downtime, we also offer a range of flexible repair “before or after” failure options with service exchange components as well as Custom Track Service.

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Onis XCMG range of products has grown in order to provide an answer to all market requirements; it offers a comprehensive range of quality-assured, versatile and high-tech energy solutions which can be tailored to all situations.
Beside high-quality generating sets, also different types of control panels, accessories and spare-parts are available, in standard or customized versions.