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The Onis Xcmg Gensets for military use are designed to meet the requirements of forces operating in harsh environments and built to a very demanding specification. Military equipment is becoming...... Defence and Civil Aid

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Xcmg SpA provides reliable and high-performance gensets and energy solutions. In manufacturing plants, even a small power outage could lead to hours of costly downtime for the equipment and even.....Industry and Services


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 The Onis XcmgGensets for military use are designed to meet the requirements of forces operating in harsh environments and built to a very demanding specification.

Military equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated delivering far greater capability such as network centric warfare and advance weapons and protection systems. The unavoidable side effect is the increasing demand for mobile electrical power on the battlefield.

Compact, lightweight equipment is achieved through effective design and does not compromise our power systems' ability to operate reliably and effectively under extreme temperature and environmental conditions, such as high temperature and altitude, withstanding shocks, etc.

Generator control and monitoring equipment provides automatic start/stop, and parallel sequencing and synchronisation functions. Parameter surveillance, diagnostic routines and maintenance and repair schedules provide quick and accurate fault diagnosis and rectification, while data logging functions provide accurate in-service data feedback to inform appropriate engineering and logistics action.

Designed for worldwide operation in extreme temperatures and environments, our generators are compatible with other NATO and US Army generation and field electrical distribution equipment. The range has become well suited to the requirements of defense forces from many countries.

Constructed for rugged conditions, these generators have been tested on the field and are chosen for its for durability, endurance and performance, suitable for different applications, from communication system power to energy provision for field hospitals.
As part of their general and public service duties, the military Forces need generating sets for multiple applications. Essential for running a mobile hospital or powering support tactical units and computer systems in military camps, these generating sets provide comprehensive solutions, suitable also for humanitarian aid and civil protection's applications.

Xcmg SpA specific know-how permits to develop new projects in short time.

 Dedicated solutions for military sector:

- Cleanly and quietly operating units equipped with most-known and appreciated engine brands
- Electronically regulated high-performance alternators
- Extended service intervals
- Low noise emissions
- Longest life and greatest economy
- Socket combinations for NATO, extra NATO and US Army
- Specific protections for sand environment
- Operation in pouring rain
- Trailerable
- Plugs
- Powerlock kits
- Customizable power coated painted canopies
- Parker Racor Heavy duty filters
- Extra-capacity fuel/oil tanks

Power supply systems

In case of a sudden and unexpected power failure many things can go wrong but thanks to Onis XCMG generating sets, power supply is not a problem at all. Lost revenue, diminished reputation and...

Featured products

Onis XCMG range of products has grown in order to provide an answer to all market requirements; it offers a comprehensive range of quality-assured, versatile and high-tech energy solutions which can be tailored to all situations.
Beside high-quality generating sets, also different types of control panels, accessories and spare-parts are available, in standard or customized versions.